I am going to …

… treat myself on a few days’ writing time in a quiet spot. In the meanwhile: If you are a depression fighter – keep up the fight! If you are a Bruce fan – keep up the listening! If you are both – make sure that you listen to Badlands and The Promised Land every day!

2 thoughts on “I am going to …

  1. im a bruce fan and a depression fighter. i love your blog…..
    about me? well to steal someone elses words (elizabeth wurtzel to be precise.in writing about the song ” For you,” on greetings from asbury park nj.)
    “thats me, i am the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away and receding farther and farther into the background. with each passing day, she feels more and more invisible. the one thing that separates me form the girl in the song though is that i have no one to rescue me, no one to pick up the pieces, no one to save me from myself.”

    but i DO have springsteens music x

    • Welcome Pauline – great to hear from you!
      I have news for you – you have Bruce’s music to help you in your fight – AND you have YOURSELF to save you from yourself, however contradictary that may sound. The moment when I stopped looking for someone (my husband, even God) to save me, things started changing for me. Hope to hear from you again and that you may also find a way to help yourself. (In the good times – in the bad times, just try to be good to yourself.) Greetings from SA!

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