Thinking of Norway

Sometimes the unthinkable does happen, as Americans know so well. But far away in SA I have also been deeply disturbed by the tragedy in Norway. (And of course I am listening to The Rising while writing this.)
I have been wondering why the tragedy in Norway affected me so deeply.
Firstly of course because my son is currently living there and also because he is so very happy there. It is unbelievable how deeply selfish we really are. Even though he was not near Oslo at the time, his being in Norway makes it all the more real to us. I suppose this is just a built in thing, designed to further the survival of the species.
Secondly I have realized just how deeply I have become attached to the country after just two visits. The first time around everything was just new and wonderful. The second time I started to feel the attachment.
I am also surprised by my strong desire to be there now, with the people gathering to mourn their dead. And no, I am not looking for sensation. I suppose this desire is similar to the deep longing to be together when there has been a death in the family, as I have experienced before.
Thirdly I allowed myself to read and watch too much about the tragedy in Norway. This has made me realize again how important it is to protect myself against the media if I want to keep up the fight against depression. I simply cannot study the news in detail and not be affected by it. And no, I am not saying we must all throw out our TV’s. (Makes me think of 57 channels …) I am just saying that I believe the media has a huge negative impact on our stress levels. And that one has the right to protect yourself and your children from too much exposure.
I have read that Norway is the country with the highest proportion of the population being Springseen fans. I hope this is true – and I hope all of them own a copy of The Rising.

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