Inspired by Springsteen. Again.

I have just received my free copies of my second romance novel inspired by Bruce. The title can roughly be translated as His most beautiful words. This time there is no reference to any of his songs. Where I needed lyrics, I used some written in Afrikaans by my son. A few aspects of Bruce’s life, personality and music have been built into the character of the romantic hero. The exceptional lyrics, the stardom and reaction against it, the quest for renewal, the passion, the energy, the work ethic. Really a romantic hero to die for. Set against a South African background, of course, with Clarence becoming Sonny Boy Pieterse from the townships and the E Street Band becoming Sons of the Rainbow. As I reread it now, after Clarence’s untimely death, I realize that I managed to capture the essence of his personality in my character of Sonny Boy. The joy, the love, the gentleness. Maybe this can count as my own little tribute to the Big Man. In my mind he has stolen a little bit of Bruce’s show in this book, unlike he ever did in real life. I am sure Bruce will be the first to forgive him!

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