Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

All my readers will by now know that Bruce’s work and the way he conducts his professional life is a huge inspiration for me while I am trying for excellence in my little corner of the creative world. Mostly I was just inspired by his work ethics, his quest for constant renewal and a lot of other qualities. All Springsteen fans will understand what I am going on about. But recently I have deliberately used him as inspiration for two of my romance novels.
In Liedjie vir jou (Song for you) the romantic hero is a scientist and singer who composes in Afrikaans, but is inspired by The Boss and loves his music. He has a particular aversion to Afrikaans commercial music. (Which is in reality quite awful.) He meets his dream girl in Norway, where he is temporarily working. She used to be a star of commercial music in their homeland, but her career has collapsed and she does not know where to turn. Of course they eventually get to the point where they realize he can provide the songs (very un-commercial) and she can make a new career out of singing them. I used some of the lyrics of Brilliant disguise* to illustrate his need to really get to know and understand the girl, to go past the masks and disguises that all of us carry.
I wanna read your mind to
know just what I’ve got
in this new thing I found.
So tell me what I see when
I look in your eyes

Is that you baby
or just a brilliant disguise?

The story gave me great pleasure in writing and has actually been nominated for the only prize there is for Afrikaans romance novels. Thank you once again, Bruce!

*Of course an acknowledgement has been included in the book.
For newcomers: Brilliant disguise is from the album Tunnel of love and has also been included in Greatest Hits and The essential Bruce Springsteen.


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