Love across the boundaries

One of the things I found interesting in the numerous posts about Clarence and Bruce that I have read since the Big Man’s death, is the racial aspect of their relationship and how unique it was to have an integrated band in those early days. Being quite ignorant about most matters American, I have simply not realized that race was still such an issue at that time. When Little Steven mentioned some dates of certain Acts during his tribute to Clarence on the Underground Garage (if you have not listened to that, make sure you do) I was astonished by how recent it was then (early 70’s).
Of course that made me think about my own troubled Continue reading

Inspired by Springsteen. Again.

I have just received my free copies of my second romance novel inspired by Bruce. The title can roughly be translated as His most beautiful words. This time there is no reference to any of his songs. Where I needed lyrics, I used some written in Afrikaans by my son. A few aspects of Bruce’s life, personality and music have been built into the character of the romantic hero. The exceptional lyrics, the stardom and reaction against it, the quest for renewal, the passion, the energy, the work ethic. Really a romantic hero to die for. Set against a South African background, of course, with Clarence becoming Sonny Boy Pieterse from the townships and the E Street Continue reading

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

All my readers will by now know that Bruce’s work and the way he conducts his professional life is a huge inspiration for me while I am trying for excellence in my little corner of the creative world. Mostly I was just inspired by his work ethics, his quest for constant renewal and a lot of other qualities. All Springsteen fans will understand what I am going on about. But recently I have deliberately used him as inspiration for two of my romance novels.
In Liedjie vir jou (Song for you) the romantic hero is a scientist and singer who composes in Afrikaans, but is inspired by The Boss and loves his music. He has a particular aversion to Afrikaans commercial music. (Which is in reality quite awful.) He meets his dream girl in Continue reading

Diary of a depression fighter: Things that promote depression – perfectionism

In this country the children of my generation were raised to work hard and always do their best. Most of our parents came out of relative poverty by sheer perseverance and hard work. Even today our workers are sought after in many countries, because of their strong work ethics. Unfortunately the desire to do your work PERFECTLY Continue reading