Looking back: I cannot decide on a caption for this post …

… because so many things are going through my head. I think about reaching milestones with a loved one by your side as Bruce and Patti in the previous post, about how it is one of the wonderful perks of getting older. But then I have noticed how during the last few years Bruce had to say good-bye to so many of the good people who have always surrounded him. Starting with Danny, of course. I get the idea that this is one of the most difficult things of growing older – the saying good-bye to more and more loved ones, till you can end up very much alone if you get to grow real old. Like many, many fans I have also been holding my breath for the news of a new tour, because this could be an opportunity for me to see Bruce and the Band live.
And now we have the news of the Big Man’s stroke and a big sadness have filled me this morning. One thinks of the wonderful way he has fought back during the last few years, and you wonder if it will be possible this time. I think of the various images I have on my collection of videos, from the young and nimble Clarence in a white suit dancing to the music, to the old man painfully moving to the mike and holding on to Bruce’s shoulder for his solo line. I recall him recently saying he not only intends to walk again, but to dance again.
Big Man, may your wish be granted. And if not so, may there always be music in your head, may there always be loving people around you, may your spirit be able to soar even when the body cannot keep up any more.

Posted on 13 June 2011 after the news of Clarence’s stroke.

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