We need you, Bruce!

I am working on a new novel and today did a scene where a black boss and a white employee makes real, heartfelt contact and each gain in understanding of the other and of the country they both love. Their conversation led to the children of our country who need so many things: basic care, education, but much more than that. Role models, among other things. And that made me think of Bruce, of course. I just wish I could let him loose on the youth of my troubled country (especially the Bruce of the 70’s with all that raw energy. Well, not that the energy is much less nowadays!) We have millions of young people here who really need the kind of motivation and inspiration that his music offers so generously. Many of those are still stuck in poverty, violence and crime, even seventeen years after the first democratic election. Others are discouraged from working hard on educating themselves, because they feel they do not have an equal chance at good jobs because of affirmative action. All of them could be inspired and motivated by that boy from New Jersey who sang about making it, then made it in a big way, but today still can sing those songs with equal conviction. And who has handled everything that life has thrown at him during his long career in the only way he knows – through sheer hard work and integrity.

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