Bruce back at school? Really?

I was just ready to start bloggingthis morning about yesterdays news (from Britain!) that Bruce has gone back to college, when I woke up to the news that this really was a huge and hilarious mistake. A real April Fool joke getting realized by the end of May! (If you have not seen it, be sure to read the original articles on Blogness.)
My first thought on the original article was that I am not really that surprised – was just wondering how he could have been attending classes on an American campus without anybody noticing. And tweeting about it! Impossible.
What got me thinking was the info in the article, which even for a relative new fan, sounded all too familiar. The one about him and his guitar being the two most unpopular in his home when he grew up, comes straight from the book In his own words: Bruce Springsteen by John Duffy. (The very first book about him I could get my hands on. And to date the best – probably because it consists of only his own words! But sadly it is an old book, would love to se it updated.) And when I started reading closely, I realized that most of the info in the article comes from well-known previously published sources. Gradually I got the idea that the reporter probably never really talked to either Bruce, Patti or their daughter. Which I now believe is probably true.
Inone respect it is bad news – think about how many older people could have been inspired to start studying if this was true!
And no, I don’t know anything about various British newspaper. And don’t care. What I do care about, is that the possibility of a tour is now still there. Who knows …

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