A lifelong campaign to see The Boss live

In my country the idea of huge live music shows in stadiums is only just settling in with recent visits by the likes of U2, Neil Diamond and Roxette. For a middle-aged (hate that word!) woman it is fairly weird to have a desire to attend something like that, unless it is somebody like Neil, who was on his height of popularity when you were young. I am also aware of the fact that Bruce will most likely never come to SA. I am still amazed about how little known he is here. The song which led me to him in the first place (Tomorrow never knows) is actually played on national radio now and then, but that is the only thing after Born in the USA that I have ever heard here. (Except for Dancing in the dark, which was once included in the neighbours’ playlist during an all night party and which nearly led me to forgive them!)
Seen against this background, it took me a little while to get to the point where I actually started considering the fact that I might just somehow make it to a live show. But it will definitely mean travelling overseas to do it. And no, I don’t really have enough money to travel for a reason like this. And spending lots of money to see a rock show is definitely not included in the norms I have grown up with. Plus I hate flying. And I hate airports even more.
But still I have been making silent plans recently. Perhaps he would go to Europe and I could combine it with a visit to my son in Norway … Perhaps he might even go to Norway, as he has done so before … Perhaps the rumours about Australia are true and I might combine it with accompanying my husband to his conference in Perth …
But nothing happens. The Boss is silent. No tour announcement. Maybe never again … But one can still dream …
So even if it never happens, I have been compelled to start thinking way outside my comfort zone – always a good thing!

Two months later: I wrote the above not knowing that we would soon lose Clarence. So I will never see them with Clarence. And we all know it will not be the same. Plus we don’t know what Bruce will decide. And can’t really imagine what he must be feeling.

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