What would Bruce say?

I would love to hear what the Boss himself has to say about this! Maybe we can expect a new song? (Be sure to read the lyrics at the end of the first article at the links below)

My view? I think it could probably grow on you – if you can bear to look at it often enough for long enough.

More seriously, for me it seems to represent Bruce on the very height of commercial success. Which was an image he did not stay with for long and possibly never was really comfortable with. To me this is not the real Bruce Springsteen at all. So much has come before and after the days of Born in the USA.

What should a statue of Bruce look like, if there must be one? I think a mere head and shoulders thing does not represent any of the spirit of Springsteen. To capture the real Bruce, there must certainly be a guitar somewhere in the picture. And most definitely some kind of portrayal of the energy, the continuous movement, the passion. Of course I do not know if the idea with this bust was to capture the man’s essence, but in my opinion it has not succeeded in doing so at all.



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