We need you, Bruce!

I am working on a new novel and today did a scene where a black boss and a white employee makes real, heartfelt contact and each gain in understanding of the other and of the country they both love. Their conversation led to the children of our country who need so many things: basic care, education, but much more than that. Role models, among other things. And that made me think of Bruce, of course. I just wish I could let him loose on the youth of my troubled country (especially the Bruce of the 70’s with all that raw energy. Well, not that the energy is much less nowadays!) We have millions of young people here who really need the kind of motivation and inspiration that his music offers so generously. Many of those are still stuck in Continue reading

The River: A selection of pure joy and utter heartbreak

I have recently acquired this album for the first time. I did not realize beforehand how many of the songs I already know from other sources (meaning various DVD’s and from YouTube, of course). I’ve not only known them, but got to love them already. Independence Day and Fade away I first saw on the album of early shows included in The Promise. And I think Fade away, too. I find Independence Day  an absolutely heartbreaking and hauntingly beautiful song. Stolen car and The price Continue reading

Bruce back at school? Really?

I was just ready to start bloggingthis morning about yesterdays news (from Britain!) that Bruce has gone back to college, when I woke up to the news that this really was a huge and hilarious mistake. A real April Fool joke getting realized by the end of May! (If you have not seen it, be sure to read the original articles on Blogness.)
My first thought on the original article was that I am not really that surprised – was just wondering how he could have been attending classes on an American campus without anybody noticing. And tweeting about it! Impossible.
What got me thinking was the info in the article, which even for a Continue reading

A lifelong campaign to see The Boss live

In my country the idea of huge live music shows in stadiums is only just settling in with recent visits by the likes of U2, Neil Diamond and Roxette. For a middle-aged (hate that word!) woman it is fairly weird to have a desire to attend something like that, unless it is somebody like Neil, who was on his height of popularity when you were young. I am also aware of the fact that Bruce will most Continue reading

Diary of a depression fighter: To tell or not to tell

For many years I clung to my secret. My husband and my mother knew that I did nog always cope, and that was all. And only because it was impossible to keep it from them. I remember trying to explain to my husband. I will forever be thankful for his sincere efforts to understand. Years later he uttered these unforgettable words: “I believe in depression as I believe in God – I cannot see it, but I know it is there.” This shows me a man who really tries to Continue reading

Just two old buddies chatting …

If there is a Springsteen lover/believer/fan alive who have not heard Bruce talk with Little Steven at the Underground Garage, do yourself a favour and rush to http://undergroundgarage.com/.
Lovely stories, like the one about Bruce’s mum hiring a guitar for him … And how he would buy surfing magazines just to look at the guitars ads … And how he strung a base guitar with Continue reading

What would Bruce say?

I would love to hear what the Boss himself has to say about this! Maybe we can expect a new song? (Be sure to read the lyrics at the end of the first article at the links below)

My view? I think it could probably grow on you – if you can bear to look at it often enough for long enough.

More seriously, for me it seems to represent Bruce on the very height of commercial success. Which was an image he did not Continue reading