Advice Bruce could offer the Idols

I loved this post on Blogness:

In consultation with Official Blogness Correspondent Anne Haines, we offer up a few possibilities.

  • Appropriate stage attire (“Black t-shirts. You gotta wear black t-shirts. If it’s chilly, wear two of  ‘em in layers.”)
  • How to more or less gracefully eject snot rockets whilst vocalizing. (“Let’s face it, kids, even rock stars have boogers.”)
  • What is and is not an appropriate song to use for hauling small children up onstage (“Sunny Day,” yes, “Reno,” no).
  • Correct pronunciation of “Jimmy Iovine” (“Rhymes with Continue reading

First poem: Seascape

Yes, I know I have a lot  to catch up – but it is so wonderful to make new discoveries every now and again. Today’s gem is Bruce’s first poem, published in his college literary magazine. Read more at

 If one reads carefully, you can surely hear some traces of great things to come … I’m thinking Spirit in the night …


Earth Children turn their new eyes upward,
As the rain falls into outstreched arms.
The world moves with Continue reading

Diary of a depression fighter: The value of therapy

For years I reluctantly took expensive medication  and tried my best to cope with life. And this while I actually was quite aware of how valuable theraphy can be in a situation like mine. But while I hated taking the pills, the idea of being in therapy was worse for me. That was a good twenty years ago. I have come a long way since then. But I still suspect that people (in my country at least) still find it easier to take medication than to go for counselling. We live in a society where there is a pill for every pain, and we have been conditioned to expect Continue reading

Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (9) – Doing what has to be done

I recently had the opportunity to be part of a discussion about women’s fiction in front of a small audience. It is not the kind of thing which comes naturally for me. A writer’s work a rather lonesome job – just you and your computer and the ideas in your head. To throw it open in front of an audience is not an easy thing for many writers, depending on your personality, of course. So I had to fight the nerves and the feelings of I might not be good enough and just do it. And I did it. Rather well, I think.
As always, I could find a parallel in Bruce’s life and work. And I could Continue reading

A song to break your heart: Independence Day

Well Papa go to bed now it’s getting late
Nothing we can say is gonna change anything now …
I grew up without a father and with a mother who meant well, but there was no real communication, no real deeper contact. I know the feeling of having things (a whole lot of them!) to say, and not being able to say them.
There was just no way this house could hold the two of us
I guess that we were just too much of the same kind …
In every child’s life there comes the time to leave. But hopefully not Continue reading

April fool!

Every last one of them!
After 2010 came and went without any new product from Bruce Springsteen (a six-disc box set notwithstanding), the drought is finally coming to an end. Though we’re still awaiting a press release from Shore Fire Media, Springsteen’s plans are now set in stone and Backstreets can confirm that, after a great deal of speculation among fans, every bit of that speculation has proven to be true.
That means we can expect two new albums in the fall: Running Scared, ostensibly a solo record, will be released September 19, in time for Grammy eligibility. A month later, on October 17, another new album titled Cloudburst, featuring players from both the E Street Band and the Sesssions Band, will ensure that Springsteen is up for Continue reading