Some really good news!

Dreams still come true, even today in this hard land of hope and dreams. Let me tell you about my wonderful surpise.

Yesterday morning at 3:00am South African time, I tuned in as usual to Julian Garcia’s Groove it all night on Home Grown Radio NJ (available on internet). During the show Julian was kind enough to mention that I listen to his programme from SA and that I am a great Bruce fan, with no hope at all of ever seeing a live show. He also mentioned that he felt bad for not replying on my enquiry about daylight saving in time to make sure that I caught the previous show. Which of course, I really appreciated and had totally forgiven him for, since it was really my own responsibility to find out about it. And of course not difficult at all in this time of the internet.

After the show (at 5am) I crept back under the covers to try to catch some much needed sleep after a very short night. After what felt like only a few minutes I was woken by my phone.
When I eventually found it on the bedside table and mastered a faint “Hallo?” there was a very familiar chuckle on the other side.  “Hallo, darling,” a voice said.

I felt like I was dreaming. “Bruce?” I faltered, immediately felt like a fool and retried with an even fainter “Mr Springsteen?”

The chuckle again: “I listened to Julian’s show tonight and as he mentioned that you are such a keen fan and has never seen us live, I thought that I’d give you the good news myself.”

This time I could get nothing out. Only a very silly little gasp.

Yes, it was the Boss himself. “We are still working on the final arrangements, but the Band and I will start our World Tour 2012 in South Africa, and we would like you to attend the first show in Cape Town as our special guest.”

By this time I had regained my composure. “Yes, thank you very much, Mr Springsteen,” I said calmly. “But I will have to look at my schedule before I can commit myself.”

Happy April Fools’ Day to all Bruce fans out there! Hope you have a wonderful day!

PS. Their is some truth in this post – but not too much …

2 thoughts on “Some really good news!

  1. I think Bruce would definetly say “Hello Darling”

    I loved it & you got me!! The first thing out of my mouth when you mentioned Bruce saying he was touring 2012 in Cape Town was, “nooooooo” (my school will be there again in March & I can’t goooooo).

    I’m so glad I found you on FB, you are so funny!
    PS. & I live in NJ & didnt know about Julian Garcia’s, Home Grown Radio

    • Great to hear from you! I love facebook – but not as much as I love this man! 🙂 (Amazing thing is, my husband does not seem to feel threatened at all, although he is not a fan. I can just see that Bruce’s influence in my life is totally positive and that my admiration goes much deeper than mere star gazing.)

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