About men, but not only for men

Here is an excerpt from a well-written post at http://roadtohomeplate.com/2011/03/23/music-for-the-road-bruce-springsteen/
It gives a wonderfull view of the men about whom Bruce writes. (And no, I don’t fully understand why I, as a woman, can relate to the music so easily. Maybe the three men in my life have something to do with it.)

… They’re the guys that work with their hands, that break their backs for the families they’ll be growing soon enough. Yes, they’re men.
I’ve always affiliated these men with the music of Bruce Springsteen. That’s not to say they’re the men who listen to Springsteen, but those men – just men – are the ones that Springsteen sings about so eloquently. Springsteen writes about men really well. Their stories are the stories of tough jobs, bumbling bosses, little money, big wishes and plenty of heart. They live in places like Nebraska, and the Cadillac Ranch, and, well, Jersey. They long for the love of a good woman. They play conspicuous of authority, especially the police. Some are down and out, and some are truly down, and some are truly out. There are gamblers, no-gooders, roughnecks, losers and rebels. There are schemers. There are dreamers – oh they’re all dreamers. The men of Springsteen are always looking for what’s next, whether it’s Saturday night or a way out of this mess. They’re average folk, just men, being men, gutting it through life whether happy, sad or indifferent. But they’re men. Just men.
… Still, Springsteen intrigues me. Much of his music is catchy. His dynamics are strong and his storytelling is rich. Most of all, Springsteen understands songs can represent more than notes on a page; songs can move people, inspire people and turn people around. So he milks pauses in live performances. He lets his guard down regularly. At times he moves his body like an inferno, at others he stays eerily still, as if to keep the ghosts locked in the cellar. Compared to other songwriters, Springsteen is eons ahead of his audience – by this point he has people down to a science. He understands where they’ll go with his music, because his songs are his audience – they’re the men with regular lives, with regular problems and big dreams. They want love. They want peace in their hearts. They want happiness. That Springsteen recognizes these things and overwhelms expectation makes him an artist nearly unparalleled, and that’s why I can always appreciate a couple songs from him.

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