A new solo album? Really??

I have the feeling we (Note: I include myself!) are taking things for facts which are just a little speculation from Stevie. Or is that maybe the way they operate? Bruce saying: “Ah, Stevie, seeing you are going to do this interview, won’t you whip things a little up for the album I am busy with?” And Stevie woud say: “Yeah, sure, Boss!” And there the rumour is started …

“You know Bruce,” says Van Zandt, “he’s always got an album in his pocket, he’s always writing something. I don’t know this for a fact, but I expect him to possibly put something out that’s more of a solo nature, before we get back together. Only because he’s just so prolific, still, after all these years.” He added, “He’s still just a terrific songwriter and writes all the time. I would expect him starting to have a backlog of songs, just in terms of the time that has passed.”

But yes, I will surely be very happy with a new album. Also with a solo album.  I absolutely love Devils and dust. (I still have a backlog with Nebraska, The River, Tunnel of love and Tracks. Not being his most popular albums, they are not readily available here.)

So, do bring it on, Bruce! The fans are waiting … We love The promise, but we know it by heart now …  🙂

One thought on “A new solo album? Really??

  1. A new solo album does sound like good news, but somehow I still feel like it’s going to be a full-band album. It could be that Bruce is working on solo demos with the intent of turning them into an E Street album, a la Nebraska… Though, again, either would be fine with me. Can’t wait!

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