Saying good-bye with Live in NYC

On the day after my sister’s death the notification landed in my post-box – my Live in NYC DVD had arrived. I stopped everything I had been doing and rushed to the post-office. When I got home I closed all the windows, put the volume on high and got on my exercise bicycle. An hour later I was ready to face the day.
Yes, I know Bruce Springsteen is only human. He does not really have magic powers, he cannot really heal the pain caused by the inevitable cycle of life and death. But he has the power of the music, and he is always willing to share it. He and the band can take you to another place, make you forget about the real world for a little while. And you come out a better person on the other side.
Yes, I know the video is nearly ten years old. To me it only adds to its value. As I cycled away in my living room, I thought about the passing of time, of all of us growing old, of people passing away. I watched Danny’s gentle smile, I watched the Big Man still nimble on his feet. I watched the tenderness between Bruce and Patti, his connection with Stevie, his enormous sense of responsibility. And his enormous sense of fun, the way he can move through the whole spectrum of emotions – and take the band and the crowd with him. Playful in Out in the street, dead serious with the sad, sad story of Youngstown, downright heartbreaking with 41 shots. When Bruce and Patti seem to choke up during Blood Brothers at the end of the New York City Serenade featurette, I cried the tears that I had not been able to shed earlier.
Tomorrow we will say our good-byes and come back home to go on with the business of life. And Bruce and the Band will be there to share the ride.

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