Better days are getting better and better

I have just had a letter from my publisher about the manuscript for my third romantic novel. A rapturous letter. And she is not a lady who hands out praise easily. A compliment from her is really a compliment. And this letter is one huge compliment.
After reading the letter, I talk to my son on Skype. He is my biggest critic, but also one of my most loyal supporters. This is a big day for me. The third manuscript being accepted means that I am not to be a one day wonder.
And of course I think about that young man in the late 70’s, coping with the mortal fear of being just that after the success of BTR. The rest of the story we all know.
I will never be able to thank him enough for his inspiration, for his words, for his passion, his down to earth attitude (It’s my job …).
After the conversation with my son I naturally open facebook to post a joyous status. And there it is from Blogness: The new release on May 3. That was the point when I started crying …
I don’t give a damn if it is milking the fans. People can say what they want, I am just soooo happy.
If you have not seen it, read the post here:!/notes/bruce-springsteen/the-promise-the-making-of-darkness-on-the-edge-of-town-documentary-new-bonus-fea/10150106400966824


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