Diary of a depression fighter … Disclaimer

To everybody who reads this diary: These posts are my effort to document my own painfull path with the purpose of maybe helping somebody else to gain more insight/acception/knowledge about himself. This is NOT the alpha and the omega about handling depression. I do NOT claim that anybody who follows my path will be completely cured of depression. (I am still too scared to claim that I might be completely healed.) I believe no two people will walk this path in exactly the same way. These posts are simply an effort to maybe help somebody else to make their path a little bit easier – and also to gain more insight into my own process. Because, yes, I am not there yet. And maybe never will be. Whom of us can really say: I have arrived? I know everything about my topic there is to know?
I think everybody has his own darkness on the edge of town. For some of us it is depression, for others something else. Maybe this diary is just an effort to carry the spirit and hope and passion of Bruce Springsteen’s music into the lives of those who are trying to cope with this particular kind of darkness.

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