Some really good news!

Dreams still come true, even today in this hard land of hope and dreams. Let me tell you about my wonderful surpise.

Yesterday morning at 3:00am South African time, I tuned in as usual to Julian Garcia’s Groove it all night on Home Grown Radio NJ (available on internet). During the show Julian was kind enough to mention that I listen to his programme from SA and that I am a great Bruce fan, with no hope at all of ever seeing a live show. He also mentioned that he felt bad for not replying on my enquiry about daylight saving in time to make sure that I caught the previous show. Which of course, I really appreciated and had totally forgiven him for, since it was really my own responsibility Continue reading

A new solo album? Really??

I have the feeling we (Note: I include myself!) are taking things for facts which are just a little speculation from Stevie. Or is that maybe the way they operate? Bruce saying: “Ah, Stevie, seeing you are going to do this interview, won’t you whip things a little up for the album I am busy with?” And Stevie woud say: “Yeah, sure, Boss!” And there the rumour is started …

“You know Bruce,” says Van Zandt, “he’s always got an album in his pocket, he’s always writing something. I don’t know this for a fact, but I expect him to possibly put something out that’s more of a solo nature, before we get back together. Only because he’s just so prolific, still, after all these years.” He added, “He’s still just a terrific Continue reading

About men, but not only for men

Here is an excerpt from a well-written post at
It gives a wonderfull view of the men about whom Bruce writes. (And no, I don’t fully understand why I, as a woman, can relate to the music so easily. Maybe the three men in my life have something to do with it.)

… They’re the guys that work with their hands, that break their backs for the families they’ll be growing soon enough. Yes, they’re men.
I’ve always affiliated these men with the music of Bruce Springsteen. That’s not to say they’re the men who Continue reading

Diary of a depression fighter: Medication

Right from the start I had a love/hate relationship with antidepressants. I knew it was necessary, but I hated to use it. Still do, but not as badly. Deep inside I still want to conquer this thing on my own. Rather strange that on the one hand I so badly wanted to do it on my own, while on the other hand I did not really understand how much I could DO about my Continue reading

Saying good-bye with Live in NYC

On the day after my sister’s death the notification landed in my post-box – my Live in NYC DVD had arrived. I stopped everything I had been doing and rushed to the post-office. When I got home I closed all the windows, put the volume on high and got on my exercise bicycle. An hour later I was ready to face the day.
Yes, I know Bruce Springsteen is only human. He does not really Continue reading

Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (8): Hard work, dedication and a sense of joy

This paragraph from a post about Celine Dion’s dedication to her work speaks for itself:
My friend and mentor Rob Gilbert tells a great story about Bruce Springsteen. Someone once asked “the Boss” how he managed to achieve such high wattage each time he took the stage. Bruce answered that he performed each show as if it was his first and he also tried to remember that it was just music, so he could lighten up and have fun.
Read the full post at

Diary of a depression fighter … The paradigm shift

The day when my doctor convinced me that depression really is a disease and not merely my own inability to cope, was an important event for me. I have a strong suspision that it is not only me who have often wondered if my depression was not merely a fault in my personality, a lack of selfdiscipline, unthankfulness or the lack of faith of a pathetic Christian.  The diagnosis of depression as a real illness sets you free from (most of!) these stupid Continue reading

Best live act!

Here is an excerpt from a well-written reaction on Bruce and the Band being rated as the best live act in rock and roll:
(For the full post, check the blogroll.)

… nobody comes close to holding an audience in complete rapture for 3 hours night after night after night like Bruce and the band. Each show I’ve seen has been a roller coaster ride of emotions featuring flat out Continue reading

Better days are getting better and better

I have just had a letter from my publisher about the manuscript for my third romantic novel. A rapturous letter. And she is not a lady who hands out praise easily. A compliment from her is really a compliment. And this letter is one huge compliment.
After reading the letter, I talk to my son on Skype. He is my biggest critic, but also one of my most loyal supporters. This is a big day for me. The third manuscript being accepted means that I am not to be a one day wonder.
And of course I think about that young man in the late 70’s, coping with Continue reading

Diary of a depression fighter … Disclaimer

To everybody who reads this diary: These posts are my effort to document my own painfull path with the purpose of maybe helping somebody else to gain more insight/acception/knowledge about himself. This is NOT the alpha and the omega about handling depression. I do NOT claim that anybody who follows my path will be completely cured of depression. (I am still too scared to claim that I might be completely healed.) I believe no two people will walk this path in exactly the same way. These posts are Continue reading

The Bruce of the Eighties

Hilarious excerpt from a wonderful post at this link:
I check my look in the mirror
I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face.
— Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the Dark

The caption for this photo on the site I poached it from said, “Springsteen made it acceptable for men to Continue reading

Thank you, Julian

Early this morning (South African time) I had the pleasure of listening to Julian Garcia mentioning this blog on his programme Groove it al night on Home Grown Radio New Jersey, where he plays two hours of Springsteen every second week. It just made me even more aware of the tremendous power music (and particularly Bruce’s music) has in bringing people together across all kinds of barriers.

Diary of a depression fighter … Why?

The idea for this has been haunting me for some time now. (If you are not yet aware of the link between my personal fight against depression and my love for Bruce’s music, do read about my  own journey at and  I have started a diary about depression on my personal blog.  (in Afrikaans, my home language) after having some success with my diary of a romance writer. My first post has created so much reaction that I decided to Continue reading

Two hours of nothing but love

Much as I had looked forward to Julian Garicia’s programme of love songs for Valentine’s Day, I came out a little disappointed. Although it was certainly still worth getting up at 4 a.m. it did not live up to my expectations. (Which just shows how easily high expectations can lead to disappointment!) Also, really listening carefully to Jersey Girl for the first time, made it worth it. Actually quite a few of my own special favourites were there, as beautiful as ever. I will only mention three of them here.
Two hearts: A song I have only recently discovered on Live in NYC. I just ove the interaction with Stevie.
… Alone buddy there ain’t no peace of mind
That’s why I’ll keep searching till I find my special one …

Tougher than the rest: Wonderful to see him Continue reading