A love song for Valentine’s day

Contrary to what you would expect from a person who makes a living writing romantic fiction, I don’t like the idea of Valentine’s day very much. Well, nothing wrong with the idea, but come on, whose smiles are even bigger than those of the girls being treated by their loved ones? The business people, of course.  Still, nothing wrong with that. What I have against Valentine’s Day is the expectations which are raised for ordinary people. The same expectations as with Easter, Christmans, Mother’s Day, Father’ s Day, even the start of spring. The feeling that you MUST be happy on that day, and the result that those who are NOT happy become ever more unhappy. Thus the well-known fact that suicide numbers soar during those times.
But still, I was thinking about love and want to share this little jewel with you: The way from The promise. A simple, no-nonsense song. And to me just so beautiful.
The way your heart beats when I hold you tight
The way you sigh when we kiss good-night…
The way the rivers run to the sea …
The way you soothe met when I’m in pain …
When I lose faith you take my hand
The way you make me feel like I’m a man
And then the sax solo, one of the most beautiful and pure of Clarence’s songs …

I’d lock you deep inside till the last rains fall
And hide you from the emptiness of it all
Sometimes at night I lie awake
I pull you close and feel each breath you take …

There are a view versions on YouTube. If you are lonely today, treat yourself to this beauty – and the beauty of a young, shirtless Springsteen!

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