Best Bruce moment of the decade

Yes, yes, I know the time for looking back to the old year and making New Year resolutions is long gone – and the New Year not new at all anymore …
I entered the world of Springsteen just a few months after the 2009 Super Bowl. It is just one of the many real American things I have learned about recently. And I must admit I still don’t know in which city the event takes place … 🙂
But the concept of a big sports event with a big show in half-time is very interesting to me. And makes perfect sense, come to think of it. And must present a huge challenge to the musicians of choice.
At the time I got the impression that there were mixed feelings about Bruce’s stint at that stage. After Julian (on HGRNJ) chose this event as the biggest Bruce moment of the decade, I took the time to find and watch the complete show on YouTube. My overall impression was one of too much energy in too little space. (Of course the small image that I had to be content with didn’t do any justice to the show.) From Clarence’s book one can form an idea about what a huge amount of work went into those twelve minutes (or is it twelve and a half?). Also of course of the Big Man’s loyalty that got him out of rehab and onto that stage, but that’s another story. I was wondering if people (and Bruce himself) saw the crotch slide that went haywire as a big misshap, or was it just one of the things that sometimes happen? Or maybe even something which will always make that show unique in peoples’ minds?
Anyway, in all the comments that I have read, two impressions stand out for me. First, the comparison to a huge, wild animal in a cage. But it’s not about the size of the stage, it is about the time limit. It must be really hard to chose songs for a show like that. And for The E-Streeters especially. Goodness, they can fill that time-slot with Rosalita or Jungleland alone! The second was that is was a bit like making Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa on a paper napkin. A very apt description of a great artist’s style being cramped!
But despite the challenge (or because of it) they certainly gave everything they had. But when have they not done that?
OK, of course I had to find out where the event was … and spent an enjoyable hour reading on the internet, which should have been spent working …

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