Best rock song of all time?

Here is the view of a fellow blogger:
And the number one classic rock song of all time is …
Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen – Bruce scored big with the title track to his third album, released in 1975. This song is almost beyond words, as Bruce is such a master lyricist that he sums them all up for us. Nothing we can say or think is original, because Bruce already sang it. This song is perfect – partly because Bruce and the band spent six months working on this song to make it so – in every way: its lyrics, which speak of escaping a town that rips the Continue reading

Where it all started for me …

On an ordinary winter’s day in 2009 my life started to change. A small shift of destiny took place.
No, nothing spectacular like a man with a diamond or a huge writing contract or instant beauty or eternal slimness (is there such a word?). Just a beautiful, unassuming little song on local radio. It caught my attention, I did not catch the title, nor the name of the artist. And promptly forgot about it.
A day or two later I heard it again. This time I made sure to catch the title and the artist’s name. Tomorrow never knows by Bruce Springsteen. And the rest, as they say, is history. Nothing has been the same again for me since then.
Surely it is a strange choice. But I did not choose it. The song chose me. Yes, I agree it is not one of his great, epic songs. Nor his greatest love song. It is just … well, beautiful. Wistful, pure, simple. Beautiful.
I don’t know what really caught me about the song. Maybe the title – even my computer changed it to Tomorrow never comes.
Where the cold wind blows
Tomorrow never knows
Where your sweet smile goes
Tomorrow never knows
Maybe just the feeling of not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but trying to make the most of the moment, trying to catch the essence of the now. Maybe the knowledge that the sweetness of a smile can Continue reading

A love song for Valentine’s day

Contrary to what you would expect from a person who makes a living writing romantic fiction, I don’t like the idea of Valentine’s day very much. Well, nothing wrong with the idea, but come on, whose smiles are even bigger than those of the girls being treated by their loved ones? The business people, of course.  Still, nothing wrong with that. What I have against Valentine’s Day is the expectations which are raised for ordinary people. The same Continue reading

The wrestler

As with Philadelphia, it was Bruce Springsteen’s music that brought me to a movie that I missed at its time. As with with Philadelphia, The wrestler (Working on a dream album) turned into an unforgettable movie experience for me. And – I must add – I have no interest at all in wrestling, in fact, I hate every form of violence (Which poses a problem concerning rugby, the king of sport in my country!)
It was definetely Mickey Rourke who did it for me. His portrayal of the aging sportsman with all the burned bridges behind him, just touched me from the first scene to the last, heartbreaking moment. The loneliness, the financial problems, the brotherhood of the ring, the humiliation, Continue reading

Best Bruce moment of the decade

Yes, yes, I know the time for looking back to the old year and making New Year resolutions is long gone – and the New Year not new at all anymore …
I entered the world of Springsteen just a few months after the 2009 Super Bowl. It is just one of the many real American things I have learned about recently. And I must admit I still don’t know in which city the event takes place … 🙂
But the concept of a big sports event with a big show in half-time is very interesting to me. And makes perfect sense, come to think of it. And must present a huge challenge to the musicians of choice.
At the time I got the impression that there were mixed feelings about Bruce’s stint at that stage. After Julian (on HGRNJ) chose this event as the biggest Bruce moment of the decade, I took the time to find and watch the complete show on YouTube. My overall impression was one of too much energy in too little space. (Of course the small image that I had to be content with didn’t do any justice to the show.) From Clarence’s book one can form an idea about what a huge amount of work went into those twelve minutes (or is it twelve and a half?). Also of course of the Big Man’s loyalty that got him out of rehab and onto that stage, but that’s another story. I was wondering if people (and Bruce himself) saw the crotch slide that went haywire as a big misshap, or was it just one of the things that sometimes happen? Or maybe even something Continue reading

Two hours of Bruce on an empty stomach

It is 03:55 on a hot and sticky summer night in SA, a world away from New Jersey where Julian Garcia has driven himself to work through everything wet and cold nature has to offer. I drag myself out of bed to switch on the computer. I am tired, did not get to bed early at all. On the bedside table my book and pencil are waiting, because experience has taught me if I dosed off somewhere during Groove it all night on Homegrown Radio NJ, I do not remember anything that was played before the snooze. But this morning I briefly consider Continue reading