The blogroll is rolling!

During the past eighteen months or so I have read a great number of really informing articles about Bruce on the internet. With my limited (but courageously growing!) computer skills all I could do was bookmark them in order to be able to revisit. Those were of course in the bad old days before the blogging bug hit me with nearly the same impact as the Bruce bug!
I am now steadily working to sort through those websites and blogs and ad them to my blogroll. Sorry to say it myself, but I think I am building a very nice library of knowledge about him here. Even if nobody else reads it, it will serve as a great passtime when I am one day sitting in the old age home and not being able to do much anymore! (While, I am sure, Bruce will be singing to the folks in his old age home!)
So, if you have a moment to enrich yourself with info about Bruce Springsteen, his wonderful lyrics, his vibrant music, his four decades of dedication to rock music or anything in between – get the blogroll rolling!

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