Why I admire Bruce Springsteen (5): A man who can multi-task!

Watching Bruce and The Band onstage (on DVD – never had the opportunity to see him live) I realized that I am watching something very rare – a man who can do quite a few things at one time! In my world, that is a scarce and wonderful gem to find. 🙂
He keeps the band together, he works the crowd and the cameras, he is all over the place and at the right moment back at the mike stand again … and he still finds the time to actually sing and play the guitar. And to remember the words – well, mostly … And remember in which city he is – well, mostly … And stay on his feet – well, mostly! 🙂
No, I am not negative about him using the teleprompter nowadays, or about the one time he shouted out the wrong city, or the few falls he had on the 2009 tour. We are all human, and he has never pretended to be less human than the rest of us. What I do admire, is the way he took those things in his stride, made a joke about it when he could, and just went on. Those are things us humans often find virtually impossible.

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