Live in New York City!

In an attempt to save a potentially very blue Monday, I grabbed my Live in NY City CD, which I have not really studied before. Yes, the blues are gone … but an itching yearning has replaced it – to see the DVD. Or – of course – to could have been there. I have never in my life heard such a party! It is just crystal clear that they are having the time of their life.

Only now have I read the jacket text, and found the clip from the NY Times, which tells me that this concert happend a year after he has reunited with the E-Street Band, that it seems to have rejunvenated him (and we now know that it has never slowed down since then) and that they have reached a new peak as an ensemble.

It makes me think about friendships, about how old friendships become more and more important as you yourself grow older. Bruce and the Band have clearly shown that it is possible to be apart, to live different lives, but to come together and share that which has originally brought you together. This show is also a living testament to life after the big Five. We now know what a remarkable decade his fifties was for him. I am desperately trying to follow this example!

My blue Monday has been saved. And my admiration for this man strenghtened even more.

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