Bruce on writing for Darkness

Towards the end of his essay on writing for Darkness Bruce wrote these words: “To make “Racing” and those other big titles personal, I had to infuse the music with my own hopes and fears. If you don’t do that, you characters ring hollow, and you’re left with rhetoric, words without meaning.
Most of my writing is emotionally autobiographical. You’ve got to pull op the things that mean something to you in order for them to mean anything to your audience. That’s how they know you’re not kidding.”

As a writer this makes perfect sense to me. If you writing does not really come from inside yourself, it can easily be quite meaningless and of no lasting value. The things you write about  must be real to you.
Of course it is not easy to inject your own hopes and fears into your work. It  is certainly much easier to write about things further away, not so near to the bone. But to be authentic it must come from deep within.
Maybe that is why he has survived so many years in show business, why he never ran out of ideas – because it comes from deep inside, it is for real.

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