Local review of The Promise

I was pleasantly surprised to find a review of The Promise (only the 21 songs, not the complete box set) in my local (Afrikaans) newspaper. As I have mentioned before, Bruce is not very well known here. So I was quite apprehensive about this review.
But I was not disappointed. The reviewer was clearly impressed, although he did not seem to be aware of the fact that the two CD’s are only part of something much bigger.
Firstly he mentioned that few young rockers would today worry about becoming too much of a commercial singer and staying true to their roots as Springsteen has done. He lifted Come on, Breakaway and of course The promise out as cuts which should have been on Darkness. (Clearly he does not know that nobody tells The Boss what to do! 🙂 ).Freely translated he says that The Promise investigates the utter necessity, destructive potential and futility of romanticism in classic pop and rock. And that this album  comfirms Springsteen’s scope as singer/songwriter.

The promise – an impression

For our fortnight on the road Disc 1 of the Lost Sessions kept me constant company on my MP3 player. Most of the songs are among those that had been released on the internet previously, so they were not really new to me and had already grown on me. Maybe this is the key word – grown on me. Yes, Bruce’s music has become part of my life. As people lucky enough to grow up with his music often say: His music is the sounctrack of my life. Well, I am years and years behind – but I am doing my best!
Conclusion? These songs did not make an impression on me. They became part of me. And I feel richer because of that.

My box set has arrived!

Finally – it’s here! We are about to leave on a family road trip, so there is no time for indulging. But I grab every opportunity to watch/listen a little bit at a time.  A real treasure – that is all I can say at this point. What a generous man Bruce is. As usual hy gave us more than we expected.

I will be absent for some time – back soon!