Greetings from Asbury Park NJ

I have decided to start working systematically through all the albums that I have aquired already (about 14 of the how many? 24?). Up to now I have just bought a CD or DVD wherever and whenever the opportunity arrived, and have been listening haphazardly to old and new songs and different styles without really learning enough about the ones that I did not love emmediately (and there are not many of those!).
So I’ve taken Greetings from my steadily growing stack of Bruce treasures. Yes, I know that it was a long road to getting the contract and also that he was originally signed on as an acoustic performer, apparently to make him the next Dylan. But we know Bruce – he will not be made into anything that he does not want to be. I also know that it was released to much musical acclaim, but not much popular success. I can understand that, because I am also struggling with the music.
I cannot begin to describe the music. For one, I do not have enough knowledge of music. But I can certainly appreciate the mass of words that were just pouring out of him. I have heard him saying (On the Storytellers DVD) that that is why he has never been into drugs – there were already going on too much in his head. And isn’t that head still working beautifully nowadays?!
So I listen to the images just tumbling out of him and I can picture him, so young and talented and driven. And I can only thank the Lord for an example like that of somebody just blindly persueing his dream, his passion, his sense of what he must do to be a whole person.
And I carefully venture further on my own road.
PS. And yes, the album is steadily growing on me.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from Asbury Park NJ

  1. Keeping blogging about Bruce. Have you seen the new documentary about the making of “Darkness?” Maybe you can rent it as a DVD. I think you’d really appreciate it.

    teejaygee in New Jersey

  2. Wonderful – my first comment!
    I am devouring everything about the new release on the internet. Found a second previously unknown song yesterday.
    Although his work is generally available in SA (especially in our largest internet shop) they do not seem to aquire the new releases. I waited in vain for the Hyde Park DVD to become available here. But luckily my son lives in Norway – and I came back to Africa after a visit in August with the DVD plus another one (Springteen in concert) and the albums Human Touch and Lucky Town. And more than lucky – my son is coming home for December! I can hardly wait.

  3. Well, I have to say I envy you Marile. Why?.. because by the sounds it seems you probably haven’t heard Bruce’s.. ‘The Wild the Innocent and E street Shuffle’ Album ..Which also means that you have not sat down, maybe after a wine or two, very late at night, in a darkened room, with or without someone and been totally mesmerised by 10 minutes of ‘New York City Serenade’, your life is about to change for the better. Please let me know if you have ever heard anyone sing as passionately. If you have, I would like to know the record. The first time is always the best. Would love to hear back. Take care. Peter from Australia.

    • Great to hear from Down Under! (I have been to some parts, love it. And love the parrots!) Have you heard the rumour that Bruce might be considering a tour to Australia next year?
      I have the CD, but have not had time to really study it. Not easy, commercial music at all. But about the passion I totally agree. I have never seen anyone doing his work with such passion. The way he can still sing Born to Run after all these years as if it is the first time, the way that he so obviously enjoys it seems unable to stop when he is supposed to stop. So many people are totally blasé at his age (or long before that).
      And I love it that he refers to it as his work, like any other job. Helps me to keep myself as writer on track, too.
      I will try that wine and darkened room thing, definetely!

  4. “Greetings” is my favorite album. I think that obviously true Springsteen fans know it, but those who only know him from the radio may not be aware of the spoken-word quality his early music has. This is truly a great album!

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